Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced Diagnostics

When your 'pet is sick you can rest assured that our in-house laboratory includes state of the art equipment when enables us to perform complete blood count, biochemistry, coagulation testing and urinalysis. ..

Digital Radiology and Telemedicine

 Our brand new digital radiology (x-ray) unit provides enhanced quality images to provide you with quicker diagnoses and  access to board-certified radiologists for consultation within an hour!  X-ray images can be saved to disk or emailed to 24 hour care facilities if needed. 


This non-invasive advanced imaging technique has proven very helpful in our practice especially in patients with emergent illness.  Real time abdominal ultrasound images at our practice can be submitted for a radiologist to review.  The radiologist report can be available within an hour. 


EKG, or electrocardiogram, or ECG, evaluates the electrical conductivity of the heart.  This test may detect an underlying heart dysfunction, or arrhythmia. Our ECG's are submitted to board certified veterinary cardiologist for interpretation and recommendations. 

Internal medicine consultation

When an internal medicine consultation is recommended, appointments can be made for ultrasound or endoscopy with Dr. Keith Kremer, who is a board certified internal medicine specialist who will come to our practice to meet your pet's needs. 

Cardiology consultation

If your pet needs a cardiology consultation, appointments can be made for an echocardiogram with Dr. Herb Maisenbacher who is a board certified cardiologist.  He is happy to  come to our practice to perform his services. 


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