General Wellness

What is a wellness appointment?

Each wellness visit starts with obtaining a thorough history, which includes evaluation of the patient's lifestyle, life stage, behavior, diet and pain level.  The veterinarian then performs a comprehensive physical examination, including dental assessment, pain assessment, and body and muscle condition scoring. Medical conditions, if present, are identified and addressed.  The level of dental disease is assessed and genetic predispositions, breed and age considerations are discussed. 

Once an overall health assessment is made, the veterinarian will customize a diagnostic and therapeutic plan for your pet. The diagnostic plan for every dog should include an annual heartworm test and internal parasite screening.  Senior lab testing for dogs and cats typically includes minimally a complete blood count, biochemical profile, electrolytes, and urinalysis and this is performed twice yearly or as needed for patients with health concerns.  

The therapeutic plan may include core vaccinations and is based on your pet's age, overall health, guidelines and risk factors. Every dog and most cats should receive year-round broad-spectrum parasite control with efficacy against heartworms, intestinal parasites, and fleas.  The veterinarian will also provide recommendations for tick control as indicated by risk assessment, therapeutic recommendations for any medical issues discovered, recommendations to address any dental disease, behavioral advice and nutritional information, to include what and how much to feed your pet. 

How often does my pet need to come in for a wellness appointment?

A wellness appointment is recommended for every pet annually. For senior pets, semi-annual visits are recommended.  Decisions regarding more specific frequency of visits are based on the individual needs of the pet.

Do you have wellness plans?

We do have wellness plans!  In fact, they are customized to our patient's needs and keep their well-being our priority.  These plans allow our pet parents to plan in advance for the cost of their pet's wellness veterinary health care needs and apportion the cost into affordable monthly payments. 


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